Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Producer should make a preliminary application requesting Halaal supervision and certification
Producer should submit a list of all the products produced by the company.
Producer should submit a master list of all the raw materials / ingredients used in the production of all the products produced at the facility / plant / location (Spread Sheet of Matrix of Materials).
Producer must identify products to be Halaal certified.
Producer should submit a complete list of all the raw materials / ingredients used in the production of each product to be Halaal certified (Spread Sheet of Materials).
Producer must allow plant audit and inspection to assess facility for Halaal production.
Producer must sign an agreement with HFSA.
Producer must set up Halaal Assurance System (HAS) at the production facility / plant.
Producer must appoint an Internal Halaal auditor / Coordinator and a team who will be responsible to implement the Halaal Assurance System.
Producer should submit monthly report of Halaal Assurance System Implementation.

Certificates and Validity and Renewal
Shall be valid for one (1) year and shall remain in force for the duration.
Should the contract be cancelled, the Halaal certificate issued herein shall be invalid.
Shall be displayed in a prominent place.
Shall not be reproduced in any manner.
Shall remain the property of THFSA
Shall only be applicable to the client in the contract. Should the ownership of the premises wherein the Halaal certificate be displayed, or ownership of the products that display THFSA logo change the certificate shall be invalid and the new owners shall apply for accreditation.